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Dear customer:

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Thank you forchoosing our brand, JPE. We always pursue to provide the best quality goods andservice for our customers, and creation of value for customers. Pursuit ofexcellence, quality comes the first; customer satisfaction is always our firstobjective. In order to preserve your legal interest, and offer you the bestafter sale service, we provide: professional, quick, well-suited after saleservice as mentioned below:

一.scope ofservice

Be appropriatedfor all products from JPE

二.LED products

2.1  CBU

2.1.1  Under normal using, oneyear free warranty for electrical fault. Accordingto the data and information or sample which provided bycustomer, Confirmed by the analysis for the design/incoming bad. Provide the bad machine (parts) if it is necessary

2.1.2  LCDpanels and main boards, since the date of production (subject to JPE productionbarcode date), 12 months free warranty (including 12 months), according to the information, photos or samples of defective,confirmed it is not caused by customer, after sale department will givereplacements(FOC), send to customers with the further shipment

2.1.3  Over warranty period, confirmed the solution bythe both sides coordinating, the customer service center provide the necessarytechnical support and other services

2.1.4  If there is special requirements, refer tothe "quality agreement" and "after-sales service agreement" in the relevant provisions which signed by the parties

2.2  SKD/CKD Product

2.2.1  SKD/CKD, and referto the "sales contract", "quality agreement" and"after-sales service agreement" in therelevant provisions which signed by the parties

三.connect us

Any problemwhile you use our products, you can contact us. Websites: www.jpe.net.cn

Also you canemail us all give a phone call. We will provide the best service。 







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Complaintshotline: (+86-756)6827338 &6338

四.scope ofpaid service

4.1  Expire theguarantee period

4.2  Thedamage cause by not according to the requirements of the product useinstructions, maintenance and custody. Such as, LCD panel rupture, scratches,structural damage (including plastic shell rupture, deformation, sag, scratch)circuit boards fault, etc.)

4.3  Without authorization, alter thefactory barcodes or product models and serial numbers which provided bycustomers are not consistent with JPE product models and serial numbers in thetraceability system.

4.4  The damage cause by customers or endusers use the non-standard software or non-standard and not open sale relatedcomputer parts

4.5  The damage cause by the virus which infected during use;

4.6  Thedamage of products cause by force majeure cause bad including natural disasters(such as earthquakes, fires, floods, etc.), social rebellion, andgovernment policy

. other description

5.1  The product which sale in domestic market, according to the “Law onProtection of the Rights and Interests of Consumers” and new “three guarantees”(not include bargain price goods, discount goods, sales promotion goods)

5.2  If thisservice policy is against with the (local) law, on the basis of the law;  under the standard of it, on the basis of thispolicy.

5.3  JPE hasthe modified right of this service policy; any modified of terms will publicshow on this website.



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